Rari Monitor Arm (RA-1100)

  • Quick release VESA
  • Customizable
  • Effortless movement
  • Cable management
  • Single and Dual arm
Weight Capacity 2.5~9kg (5.5~19.8 lbs) / 6.5~15kg (14.3~33 lbs)
Tilt +80° /- 50°
Rotation 90° for portrait or landscape
Swivel 180 °
Colors white
Mounting Option Clamp / Grommet
Pivot 360°
Max. Extension 621 mm
Lift 119.6~469.6 mm
Fits Desk Thickness 8.1~ 74.5 mm
Display Compatibility VESA 75/100 mm
Optional angle limit ring


Rari is a highly functional ergonomic monitor arm. Just one finger! You can easily rotate or swivel the monitor as you desire. Unique “static equilibrium” technology allows Rari to support a monitor of various sizes, and the shape of design is great functionality while maintaining an aesthetics. Moreover, Neat cable management design offer a pleasant and organized desktop!

With the growing popularity of modern consumer electronics, a monitor seems to be a must-have for everyone. However, the correct and healthy posture of using computer becomes an important issue for everyone. In view of this, we have created monitor mounts for people to use when sitting, standing, or sharing the screen with others, and all such can be done effortlessly. What we concern is computer users’ posture and health plus a neat and tidy desktop for efficient work. Monitor mounts have become part of office furniture in a working environment. Rari’s designs follow the trends of modern office, home office furniture, and remote work to integrate office environment into your home.

Aiming maximum efficiency with minimal movements, “static equilibrium” is achieved thanks to the pneumatic and four-link high bearing system with adjustments to be made through the exclusive design of a unique plastic ring inside the pivot, creating a revolutionary monitor mount and a successful solution for easy and sink-free operation. In addition, the smart quick release VESA mechanism save the time of installation and monitor replacement. Such, in particular, would be important in big office outfitting.

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