Company Profile

Modernsolid is an ergonomic manufacturer that was founded in 1989.

Modernsolid is a Taiwanese company established in 1989. We design and manufacture ergonomic products for workspace, healthcare, industrial, education, and public spaces.

For over 30 years, Modernsolid has been providing a unique blend of excellent product design, manufacturing, and customer service. We have built our name by providing the finest products within our focused ergonomic furniture and medical equipment products. Over the years, we have added extensively to our product line and implemented a quality-oriented manufacturing process.

To produce durable products, sustainability is the first element to consider. We try to reduce our impact on the environment during the production process. 95% of our products can be recycled and part of the products are made from recycling material.

As a leader in Taiwanese know-how, quality, and industrial innovation, we value quality, professionalism, honesty, and innovation. We also develop customer-specific solutions for special project requirements and offer industrial manufacturing combined with high flexibility.