2023 News

Designed for use with monitors to delivery effective patient care and increase work flow efficiency for caregivers and create a patient-oriented caring environment.  
Ergonomic design and height-adjustable monitor arm increase users’ working efficiency, providing the best and the most comfortable monitor using experiences. 
Space saving, high maneuverability, and ergonomic design provides user incredible flexibility and comfort when working or learning from home.
Modernsolid Ergonomic design for your everyday use Free Up Your Workspace
Modernsolid is an ergonomic manufacturer that was founded in 1989. We design and manufacture ergonomic products that increase work productivity and health support. With the great emphasis on human-central design, quality-oriented manufacturing and sustainability in all products, they can make a product impressively lone lived. We serve our customers worldwide, create and inspire value for upgrading the way people live and work.
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We inspire, design and manufacture products that creates experience of success for our clients and provide our customers with high quality products while ensuring responsible production. The 30+ experience and innovation of our design process forms the foundation for creating human-central design, boosting client’s sales and making the most out of their investment. We’re your partner in business developing, no matter where you’re located.