Mobile Laptop Cart (HC-180)

  • More Ergonomic for various applications
  • Adjustable height: Improvement for higher and lower adjustment for comfortable working in sitting and standing.
  • Articulating keyboard tray: Tiltable keyboard tray for comfortable using position. The mouse platform can be placed left or right.
  • Improvement tabletop: One layer compartment to reduce cleaning issues.
Material Aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic
Weight Capacity 1~5 kg (2.2~11 lbs)
Height adjustment range Max. 1250 mm (49.21”), Min. 880 mm (34.65”)
Work surface 449 (D) x 538 (W) mm (18.07” x 21.18”)
Caster 100 x 100 mm (4” medical caster, two locking, two non-locking.)
Footprint 484 x 598 mm (19.06 x 23.54”)
Laptop Compartment 415(L) x 300(W) x 39.5(H) mm, (16.34” x 11.81” x 1.56”).

Our latest workstation offers several ergonomic enhancements to ensure optimal comfort and productivity. The adjustable height feature has been improved, allowing for a greater range of motion to accommodate both sitting and standing positions. This flexibility helps maintain better posture and reduces strain, making it easier to switch between different working heights.

The articulating keyboard tray is another key improvement. It is fully tiltable, providing a comfortable typing angle that reduces wrist strain. The tray also includes a versatile mouse platform that can be positioned on either the left or right side, catering to individual preferences and enhancing overall efficiency.

Additionally, the tabletop has been redesigned with a single-layer compartment, simplifying the workspace and minimizing cleaning issues. This streamlined design makes it easier to keep the area tidy and organized, ensuring a clutter-free environment.

These enhancements are designed to create a more comfortable and efficient working experience, promoting better health and increased productivity for users.