Laterally Adjusting Articulating Arm Keyboard Tray (HM-5527)


The HM-5527 is a highly adjustable keyboard tray arm designed to enhance your workspace setup. Ideal for both clinical and healthcare settings, this keyboard tray arm mount offers ergonomic benefits and easy height adjustment.

Our keyboard tray for monitor arm solutions includes gas-spring assisted arms that provide smooth and flexible positioning. The HM-5527 articulating arm keyboard tray is built for both normal duty and heavy duty use, accommodating users of sitting and standing work postures.

Features of the HM-5527 Keyboard Tray Arm Mount

  • Built for normal duty and heavy duty computer workstation use.
  • Ideal solution for use in clinical and healthcare settings.
  • Gas-spring assisted arm offers easy height adjustment and ergonomic comfort.
  • Accommodate users of sitting and standing work postures to create a healthy workplace.
  • Organized cable management promotes infection prevention and control.
Weight Capacity ~6 kg (13.2 lbs)
Material Mainly Aluminum alloy
Mounting Option Wall Mount type