Ares Monitor Arm (GA-1100)

Winner of The"Red Dot:Best of the Best"Design Award

  • Quick release VESA
  • Work and Play redefined
  • Effortless movement
  • RGB lightening  (optional)
  • USB charging (optional)

  • black
  • White
Weight Capacity

Standard: GA1100 2.5~9kg (5.5~19.8 lbs) / GA1200 6.5~15kg (14.3~33 lbs)
USB charging: GA1110 2.5~9kg (5.5~19.8 lbs) / GA1210 6.5~15kg (14.3~33 lbs)
USB charging & RGB lighting: GA1120 2.5~9kg (5.5~19.8 lbs) / GA1220 6.5~15kg (14.3~33 lbs)

Tilt +80° /- 50°
Rotation 90° for portrait or landscape
Swivel 180 °
Colors black, white
Mounting Option Clamp / Grommet
Pivot 360°
Max. Extension 582 mm 
Lift 157~505 mm
Fits Desk Thickness 2~ 67 mm
Display Compatibility VESA 75/100 mm

Compact, Flexible, and Always in Balance
Introducing the Ares gaming monitor arm – the solution for both work and gaming enthusiasts seeking ergonomic comfort. Prolonged desk sessions often result in muscle tension and discomfort. This is frequently due to the fixed monitor position. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Ares gaming monitor arm offers flexible adjustments for height, depth, and tilt. Crafted from a durable ultra-strong aluminum alloy, it accommodates various screen sizes while seamlessly blending with users' preferences and environments.

Thanks to Modernsolid’s groundbreaking “static equilibrium” technology, moving your monitor becomes effortless with just a single finger, all without the risk of sinking. The two-jointed mount arm boasts 360-degree vertical rotation and 180-degree horizontal swivel, empowering you to tailor your view as needed. The intelligent VESA quick-release mechanism ensures painless installation and effortless switching between monitors.

The Ares RGB monitor arm transcends diverse scenarios, from office work to home use, offering an array of additional features. Benefit from a built-in USB charging port and captivating backlighting, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. Tame cable clutter with the meticulously designed cable management system. Plus, the detachable base optimizes desk space, promoting an organized and inviting workspace.

Notably recognized for its innovative contribution to work and gaming environments, the Ares monitor mount defies expectations. Its sleek design harmonizes cutting-edge technology with a space-efficient form, elevating your setup without consuming unnecessary space. Embracing sustainability, the product reflects its commitment by enabling over 90 percent of its materials to be recycled or repurposed.

Upgrade your setup with the Ares gaming monitor mount arm – the ultimate fusion of comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Elevate your gaming and working experience today.

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