HA-601 Healthcare Mounting Arm for Medical Application


The HA-601 wall mounted arm is designed for various medical environments. Its ultra-slim profile and robust build make it an ideal choice for healthcare applications, providing both convenience and durability.

  • Slim medical monitor armSuitable at the patient's bedside providing the ultimate patient experience.
  • Cable management: All cables concealed inside arms provide a clean appearance.
  • Space saving: Fold the arms tight against the wall for space saving when not in use.
  • Arm protection: Rubber rings are in place to avoid bumps against the wall.
  • Optional wall mount: different sizes of wall mount solutions according to customer’s demand.
Material Aluminum alloy and plastic cover
Weight Capacity 1~3 kg (2.2~6.6 lbs)
VESA Rotation ±90°
Rotation ±370°
Swivel 370°
Extension Max. 1146 mm
Mounting Option Wall mount type
VESA 75/100mm


Modernsolid HA-601 Medical Wall Mounted Arm: Enhancing Accessibility and Ergonomics

Modernsolid presents the HA-601 healthcare monitor mount, an exceptional solution offering both extensive reach and vertical adjustability. This monitor arm is carefully designed with a built-in gas pneumatic spring, ensuring effortless and seamless movements, enabling you to instantly adjust the position of your LCD monitor with ease. Whether you need to float your monitor around or above workstations, manufacturing equipment, or assembly lines, this articulating arm provides the perfect solution.

Features of HA-601 Hospital Wall Mounted Monitor Arm

  • Long Reach and Vertical Adjustment:

    The HA-601 monitor mount offers an impressive 1146 mm straight extension, providing ample reach to position your monitor exactly where you need it. Additionally, it allows vertical adjustments of up to 504 mm, allowing you to find the perfect height for comfortable viewing.

  • Optimal Viewing Angles:

    With a 370° rotation capability, this wall mount can be easily adjusted to achieve optimal viewing angles, providing a versatile setup for various applications and settings.

  • Space-Saving Design:

    When not in use, the unit can be conveniently folded up and out of the way. This exceptional space-saving feature ensures your room remains organized and uncluttered, making it ideal for a variety of environments.

  • Concealed Cable Management:

    Aesthetics meet functionality with concealed cable management, keeping the setup neat and organized. It not only enhances the overall look but also ensures a secure and efficient performance.

  • Durable and Modern Design:

    The HA-601 hospital monitor arm is crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and longevity. Its contemporary appearance, complemented by a plastic cover, adds a modern touch, making it a practical and stylish choice for a range of professional settings.

Applications of HA-601 Monitor Mount

The HA-601 hospital wall mounted monitor mount is a versatile accessory, suitable for a variety of environments, including but not limited to:

  • Businesses and Offices: Enhance productivity and ergonomics in office spaces by optimizing monitor positions according to individual preferences.
  • Healthcare Settings: Ideal for doctor’s offices, clinics, dental operatories, and hospitals, providing convenient and accessible monitor positioning for healthcare professionals.
  • Manufacturing and Assembly: Optimize workflow and efficiency by positioning monitors at the perfect angle on manufacturing floors and assembly lines.